The Daily Rhythm

The Daily Rhythm YouTube Playlist

The Daily Rhythm is currently taking a break, but you can still view the archived videos and information below.
This is the growing YouTube playlist of our Daily Rhythm videos. For MANY weekdays a new video would post and move to the FRONT of the playlist. By viewing the playlist below or on YouTube you will see the latest video we have posted! These are posted as YouTube shorts and can be viewed easily on mobile and desktop formats.

How to Use The Daily Rhythm Videos

  • Bell Ringer Activity – Watch the video, then complete an activity using the rhythm rolled. This could be writing out the counts to the rhythm, quickly sight reading the rhythm, etc.
  • Sight Reading Exercise – Watch the video, then have students attempt to sight read the rhythm.
  • Warm-Up Rhythm – Watch the video, use that rhythm as a warm-up for your ensemble. An example for band would be to play the scale giving each pitch of the scale this rhythm.
  • ANY WAY YOU’D LIKE! I’m planning to put more ideas as I come up with them. If you’ve got a method, I would love to hear how this is working for you! Contact Me

Can I get some dice like that?

Absolutely! These dice are completely handmade by us in our home and we do sell them! View more information about the dice here!