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The 5 Minute Challenge A Music Classroom Activity

The 5 Minute Challenge a Music Classroom Activity The 5 Minute Challenge is something I do with my students K-12, though mostly with K-8.  We use’s Note Identification Exercises. […]

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Using Meet Edgar to Simplify Social Media

Through the past years as I’ve gone deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of marketing my Teachers Pay Teachers products and everything else I’ve tried SEVERAL social media management tools. I’ve tried Tailwind to manage my Pinterest, I’ve used Buffer to try to push out to more platforms. I’ve never truly seen success and growth from a social […]

Song Writing Part 2: Students write their own song!

Song Writing Part 1 (previous post) After working through Part 1 of this activity (view that blog post here), I like to have the students try to write their own song. Song Writing Part 2 (this post) I give each student their own copy of this file (FREE) – Song Writing Worksheet for Students (Editable Google Drive & DOCX […]

Chance Music in the General Music Classroom with FREE Downloads

General music can definitely be challenging. Balancing between teaching music literacy while “keeping it fun” and hoping to retain students for future ensembles is a CONSTANT battle it feels like. It seems like we always want something that will grab their attention and be FUN, but still teach them something valuable and leave them wanting more. One of my […]

How to use Presentation and Guided Note Units for Distance Learning in Music Class

Hey everyone! We’ve got some ideas & how to’s for using our presentation/guided note units for distance learning. The products we’re using are our Music Cultures: World Music Unit, Composers of Music History Unit, and Instrument Families Unit. But there are good ideas for distance learning in general throughout the post – including several helpful How To videos (linked […]

Music Distance Learning

We’ve put together a list of materials that we’ve created and/or can be used for E-Learning/Distance Learning/Remote Teaching. This post is being updated as we create new content – to receive updates when we add new products – sign up for our newsletter below!! Updates to our Music Distance Learning Products Theory Experts: Music Theory Curriculum – Printable PDFs […]

Chrome Music Lab Boomwhacker Activity

Okay – first of all, if you’ve never heard of Chrome Music Lab – you need to check it out!  It has tons of FREE tools that are great to use for various things in your classroom, even if it’s just for a “fun” day. Here is one SUPER fun activity that you can do with just about any […]

Incorporating Writing into the Middle School & High School Music Classroom

For those of you who JUST want the link to the growing free Writing Prompt document: click here! For those of you who are here to read about the entire process – continue! We’ve all sat through the in-services.  We’ve all had our administrators declare that we must include this as part of our classroom.  Our school improvement team […]

Interactive Piano Display

Sometimes when you’re learning about music theory it is easiest to just show students on a piano.  I say sometimes, but the more complicated music theory ALWAYS requires understanding of a piano.  This year my husband and I created hook & loop interactive piano displays for both our band room and our choir room.  Here’s our “how to” blog […]

Music Classroom Tour

I have a bit of a unique classroom – it is half of what used to be one HUGE room.  A few years before me, teacher situations changed.  They took the music room, cut it in half and made separate band and choir rooms.  So, to get to my choir room, you actually have to walk through the band […]

Grand Behavior Music Classroom Management

Music Classroom Management Tool We have all seen the “NOISE” post on Pinterest (when the students are making noise – they lose a letter).  I’ve taken that and combined it with a behavior chart!  I call it “Grand Behavior”.  It’s perfect because it also teaches the students about the grand staff! When a class is misbehaving, or their behavior […]


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