Using Meet Edgar to Simplify Social Media


Through the past years as I’ve gone deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of marketing my Teachers Pay Teachers products and everything else I’ve tried SEVERAL social media management tools. I’ve tried Tailwind to manage my Pinterest, I’ve used Buffer to try to push out to more platforms.

I’ve never truly seen success and growth from a social media manager until I started using Meet Edgar.

What is Meet Edgar?

Meet Edgar is a content silo. You fill up your “Categories” with content that is ready to post to your social medias. Then you add time slots to your schedule for WHEN you want to post from those categories.

For example, I have a category for “Motivation Monday” and I’ve filled it with 15-20 inspirational posts. I tell Edgar to post from that category to all my socials on Monday at 8:30 AM.

Edgar will always post fresh content first unless specified. And if your categories ever run out of fresh content? Edgar automatically recycles previously posted content. Now you’ll want to be sure you’re posting evergreen content (non-seasonal), and be sure to keep him well fed with plenty to post so you don’t look spammy. It does take a good time investment to set-up. BUT – once Edgar is RUNNING you can easily add new content in that will also be recycled in the future if you ever run out of content. This keeps your social medias posting regularly without having to post to each individual one every single time. PLUS – you are creating a HUGE database of social media posts as you add more and more content.

You can also schedule and post seasonal or one-time content using Meet Edgar. The steps to do so are very similar to creating content for your categories but instead of adding it to a category you just select “Use Once” OR you can schedule a post to expire after a certain time.

Is Meet Edgar right for me?

There are actually 2 versions available. The light version is cheaper and is referred to as Eddie, the full version has much less limitations and is referred to as Edgar. The best thing is – they give you a 7 day trial for free to try it out! I dropped everything on my to-do list when I discovered Edgar and got it set-up and running immediately. It has been very worth it.

Try it out with the link below (and at the top of the page).


Try it out NOW! I am a Meet Edgar affiliate, and will receive a small bonus if you sign-up using the links in this post.

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