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We are currently selling dice exclusively through Etsy.

Depending on our currently available stock, we typically sell:

Single Count Rhythm Dice
Each side of each 6 sided die contains a single count of rhythm. When you roll them together it will give you one measure of rhythm to perform (4 dice = 4/4 Time).

Note Rollers Game Dice
Roll the dice and go for the highest score! Each player gets 3 rolls of the dice to get the combination to earn the most points, like that one dice game you’ve probably played before!

Polyhedral Sets
For any sort of RPG game, dice collectors, gamers, or people who just like shiny things! These are 100% handmade by us!

Large D20s
Be the envy of all your friends with these 49mm D20s. A roll from this huge die will surely strike fear into all your enemies hearts (or just be super cool).

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