Terms of Use

By purchasing/downloading our products, you are agreeing that the contents are the property of Rivian Creative and licensed to you only for classroom/personal use as a single user (henceforth known as Original Purchaser or OP).

The original purchaser MAY:

  • Use this product as intended within the OP’s own classroom for the OP’s students only.
  • Use this product within the OP’s online classroom for the OP’s students only, provided:
    • Access to the product must be password protected.
    • The online platform must not be a commercial/for profit platform.

The original purchaser MAY NOT:

  • Claim this product as the OP’s own, alter the files without permission, or remove the copyright and watermarks.
  • Share this product with others in any way other than previously mentioned.
  • Repackage and/or sell/giveaway this product to others.
  • Use this product on a for profit/commercial educational platform without additional permission.

For music compositions & arrangements: 

Any transference of ownership is strictly prohibited.

Violations of these terms are subject to the penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

For questions regarding these Terms of Use and/or inquiries on additional permissions, please contact me.