Arranging, Recording, and Licensing

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Arranging Rivian Creative Copyrighted Publications

  1. Certain instances do not constitute “arranging,” and in these instances, you do not need to secure permission from Rivian Creative to make modifications to our copyrighted publications, generally provided that:
  • The fundamental character of the work is not distorted
  • The modifications are not being made to avoid the purchase of copyrighted music
  • Such modifications are made expressly for your specific teaching situation

In other words, you do not need permission to

  • Rewrite a part for an instrument or singer not included in your ensemble (i.e., rewriting an oboe part for clarinet because you have no oboe or tenor for alto because you have no tenors)
  • Simplify a part to accommodate the skill level of your players or singers (i.e., change octave)

If you have specific questions beyond the scope of this explanation, please email contact me.

  1. It does constitute arranging if you wish to rewrite a concert band work for marching band, or a jazz ensemble work for concert band, etc. You must obtain permission in these situations.

For this type of request please contact me.

Recording Rivian Creative Publications

If you record your choir or band and make copies of CDs, tapes, videos, DVD, etc. you must obtain a “mechanical license” from the copyright owner, or their authorized agent.

  1. Mechanical licenses must be obtained whether your recording is being sold or distributed for free.
  2. If you hire a recording service, do not assume that they are securing licenses on your behalf. Check with the recording service first.
  3. You do not need to obtain a mechanical license if you wish to make a single copy of a recording of a performance by students for evaluation and rehearsal purposes. Such a recording may be retained by the educational institution or individual teacher. You may record your concert or rehearsal to evaluate it or for rehearsal study, but you cannot make multiple copies without obtaining a mechanical license.

For more information on securing a mechanical license for a Rivian Creative copyrighted work, please contact me.

Licensing Rivian Creative Publications

If you wish to utilize Rivian Creative copyrights in motion pictures, television, or other venues, please contact me.