Velcro Piano Display

Sometimes when you’re learning about music theory it is easiest to just show students on a piano.  I say sometimes, but the more complicated music theory seems to ALWAYS require understanding of a piano.  This year my husband and I created Velcro piano displays for both our band room and our choir room.  Here’s our “how to” blog post for creating this great simple classroom tool.

Velcro Piano Display Step 1

Step One: Create a piano.  You can buy mine HERE (for only $1.00), this gives you two options for printing (regular black and white or colors matching boom whackers pitches) print out however many octaves you want, and put it together.  You can use any piano that works for you, however!  I would recommend laminating to make it more durable.


Velcro Piano Display Step 2

Step Two: Apply Velcro dots to the keys you want to be able to label.  You can purchase these at almost any department store.  I would recommend buying the CLEAR dots as they make it look a little nicer when you don’t have any labels on it.  For the black keys I use two dots so I can apply the pitch and then a sharp or a flat.velcro

Step Three: Create the labels and apply the opposite Velcro to the labels.  If you purchased my piano it includes a page of appropriately sized letters and some sharps/flats/naturals signs.  I would also recommend laminating these to keep them more durable.  From this point you’ll be able to attach and detach labels as you see fit!

sharps flats

The finished project will look something like this (apologies for the glare!):


This can be used for SO MANY things in the classroom.  I like to do a quick a review and pass out the labels to different students to have them place them in the appropriate place on the piano.  We go to the piano all the time when we are learning theory!

I hope this helps you in your classroom!

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